Association Engine 2.5

We are wrapping up development on Association Engine 2.5, and plan to have it ready for customers with a current license by May 15.

The new version has several new features, a few fixes, and numerous improvements to existing features. It is compatible with both PHP 7 and baseline netFORUM 2017.1. We will provide a list of all of our additions, fixes, and changes in the release notes next week.

If you choose to upgrade to the latest version after it’s released, we very highly recommend doing so on a development site, with a test netFORUM database, so you can check all of your configurations and customizations.

IFAI Cart Tour

Treat your users to a convenient and beautiful online experience. You products will POP in an Association Engine online store. Payment information stays secure via Association Engine’s Level 2 PCI compliant Vantiv PayPage or (coming soon!) the Sage payment gateway.

The AE cart provides a familiar and flexible buying experience:

  • offers easy in-cart editing – remove cart items from the checkout screen
  • provides discount & coupon code options
  • accepts credit cards & eChecks
  • connects with Vantiv and Sage payment gateways
  • calculates shipping costs
  • provides separate billing and shipping address options

Please contact us to learn how AE can help your organization.

DIY Member-Only Content

An Association Engine for netFORUM’s shortcode and your fine content is all that is needed to
provide ‘their-eyes-only’ text, images, and even entire blocks of on-screen functionality to your valuable members.

Case Study

Association Engine client, Industrial Fabrics Association International, needed to post renewal reminder to members on the membership description page.

IFAI uses site banner messaging – blue background boxes to display positive messages, red background boxes for errors. Users click the banner to remove the message from the screen, to increase odds that the message will be understood and acted upon. Banner message = fantastic renew reminder.

To implement the member-only message, an IFAI colleague bookended the styled message between shortcodes.


*To renew your membership, please log-in.


Member Only Content

Its Your Turn – DIY

As with all DIY projects, assemble materials before building. Required items are:

  • A WordPress page or post
  • Opening [associationengine_member_only] and closing [/associationengine_member_only] shortcodes
  • Just for members content

Step by Step Build Instructions

Now you are ready to build. Some people – harrumph – feel step one is optional.

  • Put on your favorite development jam
  • Log to the WP Dashboard
  • Navigate & open up a page or post
  • Type or paste in content – text, images, links, audio, video. Feel free to fancy it up with html or css. Any standard web content type can be members-only.
  • Bookend that content with [associationengine_member_only] & [/associationengine_member_only]
  • Save and view the page or post. Login as a member, logout.

If you couldn’t see your member only content without being logged in as a member – Bravo! Brilliant! Job well done!

If you can see the member only content and are not logged in as a member, check to make sure your ‘code block’ looks something like this:

[associationengine_member_only] Only this text content will be seen by my members. Substitute your content in here. [/associationengine_member_only]





Association Engine proudly enjoys an active collaborative partnership with Abila, the makers of netFORUM Enterprise and netFORUM Pro; ensuring a seamless integration.

About Abila neFORUM Enterprise

An industry-leading association management system, Abila netFORUM Enterprise, enables you to manage and engage members, as well as analyze and score relationships. These powerful features combine to help you pinpoint interactions and services that increase engagement, enhance membership value, and generate additional revenue.


Association Engine has produced a groundbreaking Vantiv PCI-certified Level 2 pay page, linking WordPress to netFORUM™. User transactions are tokenized and passed to netFORUM’s finance module, meeting the payment card industry’s high standards and securing members’ trust.

Higher Logic

Association Engine and Higher Logic easily pass information back and forth through netFORUM, creating a user friendly and secure experience for your users.

Higher Logic’s mission is to bring organizations and their people together. Their online communities galvanize a greater audience, and ultimately create stronger relationships and long-term member and customer advocacy.

View Higher Logic’s Abila Partner Marketplace page.

High Road Solution

HighRoad Solution works exclusively with member organizations on improving overall communications and growth through integration and automation with Abila/netFORUM. HighRoad integrates and automates email, mobile, social and event marketing strategies, helping to automate campaigns and creating more time for staff to better serve their constituents. HighRoad is the only integrated eMessaging solution used and endorsed by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE).

View HighRoad Solution’s Abila Partner Marketplace page.